About 2DS Emulator

Nintendo 2DS emulator
Welcome to 2dsemulator, a website dedicated to the awesome new handheld console from Nintendo, we have spent months working on our emulator, and now we are glad to introduce you to the fruit of our hard work, this emulator gives you the ability to run and play Nintendo DS and 2DS games on your personal computer, without spending your money on buying the 2ds console or the games, so this is the best solution if you are a fan of the great Nintendo games, our emulator is so unique and we are sure it’s the only one available on the whole internet, it offers 2D graphics, Mono / Stereo sound options , a SD memory card simulator in order to enjoy playing and saving your media files you should also know that the software is set on auto update mode in order to get the latest versions without any effort from you and one of the best things is that it is 100% FREE , download it and start playing right away no installation is required either the emulator is a ready to launch package which means you can start playing as soon as you download it.