Some Features of the 2DS Emulator :

Free, Fast, Easy and user friendly

  • 100% Free Download

    100% Free Download

    Our emulator is free and will always be, keep your money in your pocket.

  • Fast, Easy and User friendly

    Fast, Easy and User friendly

    this is the fastest emulator available and it's easy to use with absolutly no instllation required.

  • Run DS & 2DS Roms

    Run DS & 2DS Roms

    you are free to chose wheather you want to play Nintendo DS or 2DS games using our emulator.

  • Internal SD card simulator

    Internal SD card simulator

    One of the great options that our emulator offers is the integrated SD card simulator.

  • Save and Load your games

    Save and Load your games

    You can save and load you games data whenever and wherever you want easily.

  • Online Multiplayer Mode

    Online Multiplayer Mode

    use this mode in order to compete against other users of the 2ds emulator via internet.

Super Mushroom

Hi and welcome to our Nintendo 2ds emulator dedicated website, we are here to provide you with everything you need to try and play Nintendo’s new handheld console games on your computer using our emulating software, the one and only emulator for the Nintendo 2ds, it’s fast and performs well on most versions of Windows (Windows 8.1, 7, Vista, XP), 2dsemu is by far the best Nintendo 2ds emulating software that runs smoothly without any lags or glitches in order to give you the closest experience  and feeling to a real 2ds console, it is fully functional and offers almost all the functions that the 2ds console has, we have been working on this emulator since Nintendo released the console and we are now ready to introduce the only 2ds emulator on the internet, and it is available in two languages : the english and french which is available here : ” Emulateur 2ds ” the current version of the 2dsemulator only works on the main Microsoft windows operating systems starting with Windows 8.1 , Seven , Vista and Windows XP , and there is also another version that works on android phones and tablets, and we are still working on other versions that work on other systems such as Linux , and Mac OS and of course mobile systems starting with iPhone ios since it’s one of the most used smartphones operating systems on the market and also windows mobile, please note that the emulator can be downloaded for FREE all you need to do is complete a free survey that won’t take more than 2 minutes.
Luigi Nintendo 2DS

How it Works

Download our Nintendo 2DS emulator and play all the great NDS / N2DS games on your PC for free , no need to buy the console or the games , just download the emulator and find the 2ds roms and start playing right away , no need to install anything either since the emulator comes as a ready to launch package so all you have to do is put the ROMS in the ROMS folder and execute the emulator then click on the ROMS tab to chose the game that you would like to play click on it and it should be starting right away, make sure you read the “how it works” file in order to get an idea about the available options and functions.